What Our WIC-only Store Customers Say...

The WIC-only store “is very convenient and I don’t have a car.”
Gloria - Oakland, California


The Nutritional Grocers Association of California

Serving California’s Mothers and Children With Dignity and Respect

The Nutritional Grocers Association of California (NGAC) is a trade association that represents many of California’s WIC-only stores.

A WIC-only store is one that specializes in serving recipients of the Women, Infants and Children Program. Access to grocery stores in the suburbs is very different from the inner cities. WIC-only stores provide a convenient alternative for working parents who often rely on public transportation and reside in areas with limited shopping choices. The store format is specifically designed to overcome the cultural and language issues that too often act as barriers for non-English speaking participants in redeeming their vouchers in more traditional types of stores.

Our mission is to treat every customer with dignity and respect, while providing a clean, friendly, stigma-free environment in which to shop. We also advocate for fair and reasonable government regulations of WIC-only stores, and for fair and reasonable prices that are comparable to stores of the same size and location as other authorized WIC vendor stores.

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